theRestlessNP Blog

I have created this blog mostly to share a lot of my aha moments. I’ve also added content here for which a lot of my colleagues, patients, students, family, and friends seek my opinion on; from optimizing Google Calendar, spreadsheets, and Gmail labels to curriculum vitae’s and advice on NP practice and employment.

In general, I’ve added an array of topics that I hope will end up benefiting others to make their lives simpler. Not all content is fun and games of course; I touch upon primary care, to include health screenings, the global impact of vaccination non adherence, pacemakers, defibrillators, efficient business ideas using IT, and professionalism in NP practice.

If we persist in our restless desire to know everything about the universe and ourselves, then we must not be afraid of what the artist brings back from his voyage of discovery.     

Herbert Read